Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation cont.

The rain carried on through the night to the point where the noise on the roof was so loud it was impossible to sleep. Add to that the noise of the forest…birds squawking, frogs croaking and noises that it’s impossible to attribute to any known animal and it was a real racket.


Finally the rain stopped and the sky started to clear just around dawn. Got up and walked down to the beach, past the warning signs for marine stingers and crocodiles. The container underneath the sign contains vinegar. All northern Queensland beaches have a container of vinegar. It’s used to pour onto a Jellyfish sting and can save your life! Unfortunately vinegar does not help with crocodiles. Luckily the only animal that tried to attack me was a Jack Russell.


Walked all the way to Cape Tribulation itself, seeing maybe 4 people in about 4 miles of perfect beach. Eventually made it to Cape Tribulation rather tired and sweaty. Cape Trib. was named by Captain Cook in 1770. This is where it all started to go wrong for him.


After lunch got picked up by Tropical Wings tours and made our way back towards civilisation and the ferry back across the Daintree river. We took a boat cruise on the Daintree and saw a couple of crocs before heading back to Cairns.


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