Friday, 22 May 2009

Dubai – or at least the airport

Arrived at 06:30 Dubai time. Have now got a three hour wait for the flight to Brisbane. Got searched at Gatwick (as usual). Am now pretty sure that its the laptop power-supply that some how looks suspicious in the scanner. Have never had a problems when I don’t take it on board. Am actually surprised they manage to spot anything at all. The scanner ‘operatives’ always seem more interested in talking to their mates than looking at the screen and the lady who did the search was more interested in my holiday than what was actually in the bag.

Flight from Gatwick was very comfortable, slightly spoilt by a baby being allowed in the cabin. The first airline to only allow babies to travel as checked-in luggage in the hold will make a fortune. Barring this there must be some sort of injection you could use to knock them out for a few hours. Still slept for about three hours though. Was slightly surprised that the route took us directly over Baghdad, but I guess there’s no real reason not to.

Got a good view over Dubai and the current tallest building in the world coming into land, also the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel, the world’s only ‘7 star’ hotel (amps. that go up to 11) and those funny sculpted sand islands. Dubai looks like an interesting place, lots of enormous buildings with a bit of old town surrounded by sand. This airport has got to the nicest one I’ve ever been to, better than Hong Kong and KL. Palm trees everywhere and an enormous waterfall in the middle of the terminal. Lots of nice details, including free wi-fi, mobile phone charging points and arcade games. If a British Airport did this it would be the usual rip-off of £1 a minute or something.

14 Hour flight to Brisbane now.

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