Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cape Leveque

Took a day trip up to Cape Leveque today. Cape Leveque is pretty remote and the only access is by a dirt road. The dirt road was badly corrugated so we had 2 hours of being bounced and shaken about. First stop was Beagle Bay Aboriginal community where there’s a church with an alter made entirely of sea shells. It was originally built by German missionaries who weren’t allowed to leave the community during the First World War

After Beagle Bay we went on to Koolajaman where we had lunch and spent about 2 hours swimming on the beach. The beaches were deserted…obviously not many people get up to Cape Leveque,


After a good swim we headed back towards Broome, this time stopping off at Lombardina Aboriginal Community. This was a nice enough place for a break but there was nothing particular to see.


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