Tuesday, 9 June 2009

King Edward River

Tuesday 9th June. We left Ungolan camp on the Mitchell Plateau at about 08:00 and headed back down the Warrender Track, feeling every rock, stone and corrugation. We’d rushed up this road 2 days ago as we needed to reach Ungolan camp in the daylight – you really wouldn’t want to drive down here at night.
We now had more time so could be fairly relaxed about stopping. First stop was at an Aboriginal art site with some impressive Bradshaw art. The bottom painting is a minimum of 17,000 years old. This is known as when it was discovered it was partially covered by a wasp nest. Somehow the wasps nest was dated at 17,000 years meaning that the painting is older. I’m finding the Bradshaw Art really fascinating as no one really knows where it came from.



Next stop was at the King Edward River for a swim. The King Edward does contain Freshwater crocs but there is no record of Freshwater croc’s attacking people. Saltwater crocs are different – they just see people as somewhere below them on the food chain.

The only wildlife I saw was this water monitor lizard, so had a good swim.
After lunch we stopped at another Aboriginal art site then carried on. After crossing the King Edward river we arrived at Muranbabidi camp at about 4pm. A fairly relaxed day today.

After Dinner we went down to the creek with torches to try to spot freshwater crocodiles in the swimming hole – their eyes glow bright orange when the beam hits them. Only saw one.


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