Friday, 12 June 2009

Imintji to Fitzroy Crossing

After our last night in a camp we made our way west again on the Gibb River Road, crossing the King Leopold ranges.

We crossed the Lennard River and brought an ice cream from possibly the worlds most isolated ice cream vendor. An old guy who lives in a shack next to the Lennard river and sells ice creams…


After leaving the Lennard River, we turned off the Gibb River road down the Fairfied ?? Track. We covered almost the entire length of the Gibb, there’s was about 100km left before it reverts to Bitumen again.

Arrived at Windjana gorge at about 10:30. Windjana is in the Napier ranges.




Spotted loads of Freshwater crocodiles…



Next stop was Tunnel Creek. Tunnel creek is….a creek that runs in a tunnel (under the Napier Ranges). With our torches we all made our way to the entrance then clambered down a ledge into Tunnel creek. At this time of year the water wasn’t actually very deep – just below knee height in the deepest spot. The creek runs for about 750 metres under ground with some daylight about a third of the way where there’s been a tunnel collapse. We walked the length of the tunnel then walked back. We saw the orange glint of the eyes of a few fresh water crocodiles in the torch beams. Everyone was pleased that the whole group had made it through!






We left Tunnel creek for the drive to Fitzroy crossing. Fitzroy crossing is a tiny little place where the Gt. Northern Highway crosses the Fitzroy river. We stayed at the Fitzroy River lodge and had the last group dinner.


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