Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gibb River Road cont.

Wednesday 10th June. Had an early start and left Marunbabidi camp at approx 07:00am. I liked Marunbabidi, it was the most basic of the camps we’ve stayed at with no ensuite bathrooms or power points but I felt it had a authentic ‘bush’ feel. This was helped by the fact that the camp is small and and staffed by only 3 people.
After leaving we continued back down the Kulumburu Road, stopping briefly at Drysdale station again.
We got pictures of Tim bringing the truck across a creek that’s name escapes me right now.


Finally reached the Kulumburu Rd. junction with the Gibb River Road and then continued westward down the Gibb.
Next stop was Barnet River Gorge, about 3km off the Gibb along a particularly bad track. Tim led us down to a swimming spot. Most of the group swam but myself and Ray fancied a walk so we went exploring upstream along the gorge. We found a rocky path marked by a series of stone cairns that after a lot of rock hopping, led down to a lovely spot further upstream.

We had a good lunch at Barnet River Gorge then carried on to Galvans Gorge. Galvans Gorge is a beautiful little spot with a swimming hole fed by a waterfall. The Kimberley has 100’s of these types of gorges and we’ve only scratched the surface really. After swimming at Galvans we resumed the journey west along the Gibb.
A Black headed Python on the road caused a bit of excitement. We avoided running it over but Tim (the tour guide...not me) decided to rescue it off the road before it became an ex-python. I touched a snake for the first time ever!

After the python, another 20kms or so brought us to Imintji camp – our stay for the next two nights. Like Muranbabidi, Imintji also has no ensuite bathrooms but it has got 240v power so I can charge the laptop. Imintji seems about twice the size of Marunbadidi and is set in a nice spot at the bottom of a range.

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