Saturday, 13 June 2009

Fitzroy Crossing to Broome

Saturday 13th June – Last day of the journey across The Kimberley. Left Fitzroy crossing and made our way to the last gorge of the trip – Geike Gorge. We met our guide for the gorge, Bill and went on a three hour cruise up the gorge. We stopped at one point to climb to the top and take in the view. The striped colour of the gorge walls is caused by the flood waters of the Fitzroy river scouring the gorge walls clean. Interesting fact : The Fitzroy has an annual flow second only to the Amazon. What makes this amazing is that almost all that flow happens in just the few months of the wet.
After lunch it was time to leave Geike gorge for the last leg of the journey. I got a birthday card at lunch for tomorrow, which was very nice. Then it was the 400Km drive to Broome. We had a couple of quick stops. First at a 2000 year old Boab tree then at a Roadhouse. I found a tasty Aussie treat to take back to work rather than the normal chocolates.
Finally reached Broome at about 17:30. From Darwin we’d travelled 4700Km. The most direct route is only 1950Km but we’d done some big detours – the longest ones being the Bungles and the trip up the Mitchell Plateau and back.
Took a quick walk down to Cable beach. Saw the long lines of camels that are used for sunset camel rides being led along the beach. I personally can’t stand camels. Nasty, cantankerous, smelly spitting things.


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