Saturday, 6 June 2009

El Questro

Saturday 6th June. We spent the day exploring parts of El Questro. We started with a drive to Chamberlain Gorge and picked up a boat guided by an old bush hand called Buddy. Buddy was full of stories of his days as a cattle-man and crocodile trapper. There seemed to be nothing he hadn’t done. A real character.




Chamberlain Gorge is full of Archer fish that get food by directing a jet of water onto an unsuspecting insect above, so causing the insect to drop into the water where they can be eaten. We held out pellets of food for the Archer fish and let them shoot its out of our hands. The thing is that they didn’t stop when the food was gone, they aimed at cameras, arms dangling over the boat…anything.


After Chamberlain gorge we made our way to Zebedee Springs. Zebedee spring are thermal springs that have created a series of pools that are the temperature of warm baths. We just wallowed in the pools until midday then had lunch.



After lunch we made our way to Emma Gorge for a walk to the waterfall at the end of the gorge. The walk was actually quite tricky as it was mostly clambering over boulders – very easy to break an angle. At the pool under the waterfall we had a nice refreshing swim…the water was a bit colder then Zebedee springs but still warmer than the warmest sea you get in England in the middle of summer.




Got back to the tent at Emma Gorge to find I had a visitor..


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