Sunday, 7 June 2009

El Questro to the Mitchell Plateau

Sunday 7th June. Today was another long driving day. We left El Questro at about 07:15 and continued west along the Gibb River Road passing through the Cockburn ranges.





Today was our first big river crossing – the Pentecost river. The Pentecost in June is nothing compared to how it is in the Wet. It makes the Gibb River road impassable for months on end – also has Saltwater crocs so you wouldn’t want to wade across even when its shallow.





After a few hundred Km’s we turned off the Gibb up the Kulumburu Road, stopped at Drysdale River Station for lunch then carried on. After Drysdale the road got worse and worse and we spent the afternoon being bounced around. Another 100 Km’s approx and we turned off the Kulumburu Road down the Port Warrender track and started climbing up towards the Mitchell Plateau. This is one of the most remote, least explored places in Australia or even on Earth. The first European expedition to this area was in 1921 – long after Antarctica had been explored! Another 78Km’s through dense palm forest and we eventually arrived at the Ungolan camp near Mitchell falls. We had to push on so we didn't run out of daylight so didn’t get any opportunities for photos but we will do on the way back.

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